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The Faux-Wokeness of Film Reviews: In Defense of The Free State of Jones

For conscious white-supremacists and “color blind” racists alike, the portrayal on screen of a white Southerner – an army deserter – in league with runaway slaves in defiance of the tax man, the war machine, and the system of human bondage, amounts to a giant slap in the face. And it should be. But Free State of Jones is much more than that..


César Chávez and the Farmworkers’ Struggle: Lessons for the Working Class

César Chávez, the biopic of the Chicano labor leader and civil rights activist directed by Mexican director/actor Diego Luna, hit theaters nationwide last year to a mixed reception of acclaim and criticism. While some critics pointed out the historical inaccuracies that exist throughout the film, most focused on Luna’s near-omission of Filipino farmworkers, and the peripheral roles given to the women of the movement.

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Bad Girlz Bring the Noize: How Women of Color Are Radicalizing Pop Music

From Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex and Alice Bag of The Bags, to Odetta, Nina Simone, and Joan Baez, women of color have been pioneering and revolutionizing music and using it to give voice to the social issues of their time, and yet they continue to be erased and forgotten from music history's collective memory.